Lowell Herb Co. Welcomes A-List Investors Chris Rock, Miley Cyrus, Mark Ronson and Sarah Silverman

Founded in 2017, Lowell Herb Co. is one of the fastest-growing cannabis companies in all of California. With deep love and respect for the plant, Lowell is on a mission to grow cannabis naturally and share its benefits with the world. 

Tuesday August 20th, Lowell Herb Co. announced recent funding from A-list investors Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, Mark Ronson, and Sarah Silverman in support of new products and national expansion plans. All being fans of the brand, the status of these investors have expanded Lowell’s audience and pushed the brand further towards success. 

Chris Rock has long stood by his stance on cannabis, stating in a Vanity Affair interview that he is all for legalization. “I have two daughters, too, but we all know that alcohol is worse and legal. Seth Rogen is a productive member of society. Mel Gibson has a problem,” he said. 

Miley, who has held nothing back in terms of advocacy for the plant, even gifted fellow investor Mark Ronson a bouquet of cannabis for Valentine’s Day last February. 

With all that flower-love alone, plus comedian Silverman who brought a vape to the Emmy Red Carpet in 2014, there’s no telling how far this support will take Lowell. 

“We are thrilled to have such talented artists join our investment round, and we welcome them to the Lowell family. We are grateful to have such strong support from the creative community, and we are all looking forward to the end of cannabis prohibition,” stated Lowell’s co-founder and CEO, David Elias in a press release. 

Already in the works is the first cannabis restaurant and lounge in America, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe. Coming to California this September, visitors will be allowed to openly consume cannabis in the cafe, offering a welcoming space for creatives and artists. 

Holding a high reputation in California, and now being backed by A-list investors, Lowell is sure to have more big things coming, so stay tuned. 

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