Making Waste a Resource: Pick & Shovel Marijuana/Cannabis Play

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HOUSTON, Dec. 11, 2018 /CNW/ – Strat Brands Group Inc. Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Start Engine, the premier equity crowdfunding platform.

Strat Brands Group Inc. (SBG), is a new, green technology company, preparing to launch a patented, proven and tested, organic fish fertilizer – GreenStreme.™

Not only is this a classic Waste to Resource story, providing rich benefits to any process utilizing fertilizer (growth, yield, cost-savings), recent developments in the legalization and regulation of cannabis has opened up a major new market opportunity for the product in both the U.S. and Canada.

SBG is launching this Start Engine equity crowdfunding campaign to:

  • pursue UL ECOLOGO and OMRI certifications,
  • generate initial production with scalable capacity,
  • expand sales & marketing

“Organic farmers, golf course and municipal turf managers, require non-toxic fertilizers,  to transition away from traditional chemicals. Newly approved and regulated marijuana grow-ops want superior fertilizers,” said Earl Marek, Senior Vice President of Strat Brands Group. “SBG answers that demand with U.S. and Canadian patented GreenStreme,™  rich in macro and micro nutrients.”

Executive Vice President Michael Beckley has over 25 years of business experience in environmental products manufacturing and selling to over 40 countries.

“GreenStreme™ is a great product. It’s got great IP. It’s got a great history. It’s been proven and it’s coming into the market at a time when organic fertilizer has never been in more demand,” said Mike Beckley, Executive Vice President of Strat Brands Group.

The demand for organic, or eco-friendly fertilizer alternatives, applies to many sectors including agriculture, turf, and horticulture with opportunities in both retail and wholesale distribution. Additionally, the company  believes GreenStreme™ presents an emerging opportunity for use in the rapidly growing legal marijuana industry and personal grow-ops, and that it’s eco-fertilizer is a particularly attractive ‘Pick and Shovel’ play for the cannabis sector.

“GreenStreme’s production process uses fresh water fish by-products that are processed almost immediately after harvesting. This provides what we believe to be, an industry leading low odor profile that customers want. The high micro to macro-nutrient content, a benefit resulting from cold hydrolysis vs cooking methods, also differentiate it from products currently available, “said Justin Marek, President of Strat Brands Group.

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