New Jersey Assembly Expands Medical Cannabis Program

Though most New Jerseyans favor full recreational legalization, and in spite of a slew of campaign promises from Governor Phil Murphy, New Jersey still has not created successful legislation to start the process. covered a Rutgers poll that stated, “When asked about the legalization of possession and personal use of marijuana, 58 percent of New Jersey residents said they support it, while only 37 percent say they oppose the plan.”

As discouraging as the stall is, today the state assembly passed a measure to increase access to the existing medical program. 

According to, a cannabis business news site, the program is now going to have its own regulatory body rather than falling under the purview of the Department of Health.

They wrote, “The bill would cap the number of cultivators at 23, including those that already are licensed. The number of dispensaries and processors would be left up to the discretion of the state’s new cannabis regulatory agency.”

For the state’s 47,000 patients, this means that licensing could be smoother and that businesses would be able to provide product to those who need it via home delivery.

New Jersey may be behind the ball in the recreational department, but compared to its neighbor New York, things have moved much further along, especially with this development. Here’s hoping they finish the job soon.


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