Restore Jalapeño Mule

Enjoy the last remnants of a golden summer with La Vida Verde’s Restore Jalapeño Mule. La Vida Verde, makers of NorCal’s most popular organic cannabis infused tinctures, introduces a new cocktail to elevate your mood. The Restore Jalapeño Mule mixes fresh ingredients with one milliliter (=10 mg THC) of La Vida Verde’s Restore Tincture. The vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO tincture pairs well with most cocktails thanks to its coconut oil base. Here are a few simple steps for creating the Restore Jalapeño Mule:


o              1.25 oz Ketel One® Vodka (optional)

o              0.25 oz orange liqueur (optional) or orange juice from concentrate         

o              0.5 oz fresh lime juice

o              3 oz ginger beer

o              1 seedless jalapeño slice

o              1 ml (= 10 mg THC) La Vida Verde™ Restore Tincture (1 full dropper)


o              Muddle Jalapeño and lime juice in the bottom of a mixing glass.

o              Add Ketel One® Vodka and orange liqueur and shake with ice

o              Strain into a copper mug or highball glass filled with ice

o              Top with ginger beer and serve

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