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By Melissa Hutsell

Photos by Melissa Hutsell


A cup of tea is inherently relaxing. So is CBD. That’s why infused teas are among our favorite CBD products on the market today. Infused teas combine some of nature’s most powerful plants into one complimentary cuppa.

Nothing beats breaking out my tea pot on a rainy day, and warming up with a steamy cup of rooibos or chamomile. Thanks to an unusually wet winter storm traveling across the U.S. this month, there are plenty of opportunities ahead to enjoy a hot cup of CBD tea. 

The Tea:

I busted out my bundle of Lagom Teas on a cold, wet afternoon. 

The bundle pack comes with one bag each of the company’s six signature flavors. Those include: Rooibos Orange, Mate Chai, Moroccan Mint, Jasmine Green, Early Grey, and Lavender Chamomile. Each bag is infused with 15mg of CBD. 

Teas are individually packaged in biodegradable material. Each is also fitted with instructions on how long to soak each, and at what temperature will allow for the best flavor—which differ depending on the blend. 

As a tea lover, and an indecisive person in general, I had a hard time choosing which tea to try first. But, Lagom labels their teas according to their effects—i.e. Balance, Brighten, Bedtime, etc.—which made the decision easier.

Slumpy, and in need of a boost, I choose the appropriately named bag of Boost tea, a Mate Chai that’s high in caffeine. According to Lagom, it provides both energy and focus. I’m on deadline, and could really use a boost of both. But after finishing a cup of espresso earlier, I’m craving something that’s easier on my system.

The Results:

Mate Chai had a perfect balance of spice. I usually enjoy my chai with a dash of cream. So, after taking a few sips, I added some. I regretted it, though, because the tea didn’t need it at all. It was so subtle and smooth all by itself. 

It’s really hard to go wrong with a tea, especially with such complementary flavor profiles. I found each to live up to their namesakes, albeit subtly, and taste just as delightful as they smell. However, my favorites of the bunch were: Rooibos Orange (Bloom), Mate Chai (Boost), Lavender Chamomile (Bedtime), and Jasmine Green Tea (Bliss). 

Bedtime definitely lives up to its namesake! A cup before bed was so relaxing. I was out in a hour—but the taste is what I’m raving about here, too. It was mild, but flavorful, similar to the Jasmine Green Tea. Boost was also super yummy; and it’s dark—almost like a black tea—citrus-y, and has a mildly spicy aroma that’s incredibly awakening. 

My least favorite was Early Grey—I’m just not usually a fan of it in general, and Lagom’s selection did not change my mind.

The only downfall with infused teas is that the effects wear off quickly. I found that to be the case with Lagom teas, too. Though effects feel immediate, they last only for a few hours (two-three), tops. 

While I’d prefer a little more CBD, Lagom teas did not disappoint. The flavors, and their effects are spot on. 



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