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Wendy with candy

In just under two years, a local Humboldt businesswoman named Wendy has launched a successful branding and marketing campaign for Space Gem Candy, a medicinal cannabis product line that includes organic fruit strips made with fresh fruit, coconut oil and medicinal THC/CBD; hard candies including gems and lollipops; and sour and sweet “SpaceDrop Gummies” made with pectin instead of gelatin.

“All of my products are vegetarian and made with love,” Wendy says. They are always made right here in Humboldt County with fresh seasonal fruit from local farmers that she has established, long-term relationships with.

The medicinal cannabis component of the Space Gem Candy line is locally-sourced ice water hash. As for what strain the hash is made from, Wendy says, “Generally speaking we try and shoot for OG Kush… We feel the terpene combustion makes for the best all around medicine.” She will custom make sativa, indica and CBD products whenever a patient’s needs dictate.

Wendy is the founder of and driving force behind Space Gem Candy. She got started making candy for local patients when she perceived a need in our community for quality edibles. From there, she quickly developed a working relationship with Arcata’s Humboldt Patient Resource Center. It wasn’t long before her products became favorites at other local dispensaries too. Now, her business has grown to the point where her products are offered at dispensaries beyond Humboldt County.

Sour SpaceDropsPart of her marketing strategy — aside from adorning her products in eye-catching, flashy cosmic labels indicating that the product is entirely made in Humboldt (a fact that any medicinal cannabis consumer can appreciate) — Wendy is diligent about presenting the Space Gem Candy line at events, ranging from cannabis cups to medicinal seminars.

Space Gem Candy also maintains a robust presence on Instagram, with nearly 5,000 followers and a feed that features shots of her gummy candies, lollipops, fruit strips and other creations, the colors of which run the gamut of the rainbow, plus lots of other fun and inspiring cannabis- and Space Gem-related images.

Ultimately, Wendy says her underlying marketing strategy is “to align myself with all the wonderful things that are Humboldt,” and she’s all about “love, compassion and the use of cannabis in a healing way.” Wendy is inspired by her work. By bringing medicine to the sick through honest, good tasting hand-crafted edible products, she is able to experience that glow we can all tap into by truly helping people in need.

Wendy has found great support in the local cannabis community — the folks at Southern Humboldt’s medical marijuana dispensary Wonderland Nursery have been especially helpful to her along the way, she says. Not only do they keep her up-to-date on cannabis industry happenings, they have also given her countless tips for navigating California’s medicinal cannabis market.

The Space Gem Candy product line has a magic vibe with it’s cosmic labels and candies and treats that come in all colors of the rainbow. And they provide a safe, tasty and effective way to consume controlled doses of high quality, locally produced medicinal hash without having to smoke or dab.

You can find Space Gem Candy in Humboldt at Wonderland Nursery, HPRC and The Heart of Humboldt. The Space Gem products are also available through KindSolutions Delivery and in Ukiah, Clear Lake and Marin. Dispensaries that carry Space Gem Candy products will always have current information about availability.

You can follow Space Gem Candy on Instagram @spacegemcandy. Keep an eye out for them at local cannabis events. “If you see us…stop and say, ‘Hi!’”Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.23.38 PM

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