The Digital Dime: 1/24/2020

By Samantha Wahl


Following important cannabis news articles every day can be a real burn-out, we know. That’s why the Emerald rolls up a chronicle of the headiest news hits, and passes them to you at the end of each week. We Bring You: The Digital Dime.

Cuomo Adds Pot to New York Budget Plan

Last week, we announced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plans to legalize cannabis by the end of 2020. This week, he’s taken his plans a step further with a solid budget outline, Cannabis Business Times reports. If approved, cannabis would uphold its own government office, for distributing licenses, managing retailers, and organizing programs. Cuomo predicted cannabis could bring in $20 million by next year, but after seeing the money brought in by Illinois in just its first week after legalizing, there’s a strong possibility that estimate could rise significantly.

Connecticut Turns Legislative Attention Toward Legalization 

Another Northeastern state plans to hop on the bud bandwagon this year. The Connecticut government is in the process of drafting legalization proposals, according to a Marijuana Moment article. “We need the revenue,” said Sen. Martin Looney, D-Conn. Experts expect the state to model new bills after Massachusetts regulations, as the neighboring state has had so much success generating profit off their legal weed. Connecticut’s aspirations could mean goals for New Jersey, as the Tri-State area’s legislative representatives met to discuss joining lawmaking forces back in October 2019. New York’s apparent movement toward recreational weed laws could also inspire the cooperative effort. Whatever sparked the new intent, we’re glad everyone seems to be on the same page.

Denver Dispensaries Burglarized 

People are stealing weed all across Denver, according to recent police department data. There were five reported robberies (product taken by force), and 122 burglaries (break-ins involving vandalism and/or theft) in 2019 alone. This means more cannabis-related crimes in Denver than in any other state. An MJBizDaily report blames the state’s low costs. Perhaps these prices reflect a certain value on products which the criminals can more easily take advantage of. Hopefully the new year can jump-start increased security solutions.

Could Cannabis Cure Superbugs?

A group of scientists in Canada just discovered one cannabinoid that’s effective at fighting a common superbug. Cannabigerol (CBG), a minor compound in the cannabis plant, showed major success in destroying Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a group of bacteria responsible for staph infection, a Nasdaq article reports. MRSA plagues hospitals around the world every day. It is resistant to antibiotics, making it tricky to cure. Research is just beginning (the study hasn’t even been released yet). However, these findings could be a huge step in cannabis-based medicine. 

That Weed Looks Good on You

More good news in cannabis health: pot could help combat obesity. A Leafly article explains how the Western diet promotes overactivity in our CB1 receptors (this is a part of our endocannabinoid system responsible for storing our food energy). This activity contributes to a number of weight-related health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, and more. Our unhealthy eating habits can throw our body’s regulatory systems totally out of whack as a result. As it turns out, “cannabis can help calm this overstimulated receptor over the long term.” This is to say, the plant that makes us hungry, can also slim us down. We’ve been waiting to hear news like this our entire canna-lovin’ lives.

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