Veterinarian-Formulated Tinctures for Pets

Written by Leslie Clary

The testimonials on the Vet CBD website are both poignant and passionate; A ten-year-old bulldog named Banjo who suffered from arthritis acts like a puppy after just a few days on the tincture. Mynka, a rescue terrier, had severe separation anxiety when her owner had to go to work and often peed on the carpet. A few weeks of Vet CBD and she’s calmer, more secure and having fewer accidents. Penny, a black tuxedo cat with cancer, uses the tincture for seizures and neurological disorders.

The results are promising and offer a look into the future of veterinary medicine, one tincture at a time.

While the majority of Vet CBD patients are dogs and cats, said Kate Scott, chief operating officer, all animals can benefit from the relief the medicine offers. “We have clients who have used the medication for birds, rats, [and] bunnies,” she added, “Dr. Shu is currently working with some equine people to help that community.”

Dr. Tim Shu, is a Los Angeles veterinarian, and founder of Vet CBD. He is a medical patient himself, and knows first hand how powerful cannabis can be for a number of ailments like pain, anxiety and depression. Animals experience these problems in much the same way as humans, since animals have the same endocannabinoid system as people. For this reason, Shu thought that if he could develop a medication using strains high in CBD, animals could benefit greatly.

The result was Vet CBD’s flagship — and only — product, an olive oil based tincture that can be administered directly into the mouth or applied to food. This all-natural product is sourced from full flower and is non-psychoactive. Numerous pet owners have found the tincture highly helpful for arthritis, anxiety, seizures, inflammation and nausea.

Results are usually seen after 24-48 hours, and in some cases, those results are dramatic. In many testimonials, pet owners have been able to wean their sick dog or cat from pharmaceutical drugs and vastly improve their quality of life by administering the tincture.

The team members at Vet CBD are equally grounded in animal welfare and bring years of animal science to the company. Scott is a registered veterinary technician with more than a decade of experience in emergency and critical care medicine. Product consultant, Amber Corneiller, is also a registered veterinary technician who has worked as an ER veterinary nurse and has a passion for exotics and wildlife.

This combined expertise adds a legitimacy to the company and its products, which is reassuring for pet owners who may be desperate to help their ailing pet, but are unsure if cannabis is a safe option.

To address that fear, Vet CBD’s Resource Center, located on their website, provides a number of articles for prospective customers to read and educate themselves. “The truth about CBD: The Important Stuff Explained” gives a concise and easy-to-understand overview of CBD, and explains such things as the differences among single molecule CBD, hemp-sourced CBD and full flower CBD. Other pieces offer information on toxicities, or dental tips for dogs and cats.

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