We Want These Infused Tater Tots by Chef Holden Jagger Right Now

Nothing beats potatoes when you’re consuming (or have consumed) cannabis. Dropping those hot, oily-but-never-greasy glops of salty crunch into your gob is what feasting on munchies is all about.

Needless to say we were panicking over not being able to eat these glorious tater tots by Altered Plates chef Holden Jagger.


From the flecks of thyme to the little pat of what looks like Kewpie mayo, the thirst (hunger?) is real. Each little craggy crispy corner is calling out our name.

The fact that the pairing is with calming, soothing, but uplifting Tangie just shows that the Altered Plates crew knows what they’re doing to us. Tangie is high in valencene, a less prevalent terpene that is special to both the culinary and cannabis community.

Valencene gives the smoker (or vaper, or edibles muncher) an experience that doesn’t peak anxiety or sleepiness—just right for enjoying a heavy hitting snack like tots n aioli. With citrusesque notes and a complex perfumey top note, not unlike an orange blossom, Tangie + fried snacks is a great matchup that not everyone would be able to see.

Even the choice of thyme as a seasoning, with its own prevalent terpenes like thymol and oreganol, plays well with the Valencia goodness of a Tangie or Tangie parented strain.

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