Which CBD Is For Me?

Which CBD Is For Me:

Onda Wellness

Every single news item that mentions CBD starts off with mention of the meteoric rise of this cannabinoid. It’s true, consumer products containing CBD are racing to outshine THC and full spectrum cannabis products, but the people who have been rooting for the plant all along know that science will eventually reel it in.

This isn’t to say that cannabinoid isolates or CBD isolate can’t help people with health issues, we just don’t know the entire mechanism yet. Using only one part of the plant is like plugging a hole with the wrong sized cork—the entourage effect is still not completely mapped out—but we know that it’s an important component of cannabinoid based medicine.

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One brand that is approaching CBD with this in mind is Onda Wellness. Their product is not the clear-to-golden ‘tincture’ of most offerings, it’s a dark green and brownish liquid that gives you a clue to what’s inside—terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Though Onda doesn’t contain the therapeutic amounts of THC that some people find beneficial, it contains CBC, CBN, CBG, and trace amounts of THC, like any good full spectrum CBD product.

Onda‘s tincture has a potent, herbaceous flavor—owed to the terpene and flavonoid presence in their medium chain triglyceride oil base, but that actually expands its potential into the culinary space, not just the wellness space.

With strong (600mg) bottle sizes, this rivals the 100mg CBD isolate tinctures on the market in a way that appeals to people who want to use cannabis, not just one of it’s 400 constituents.

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