Casa Destroi Is Killing It With These Vegan CBD Golden Beet Ravioli

Cannabis infused or not, Casa Destroi from Adalante Hospitality Group is an extremely eye catching food feed. Sometimes you can find the chef behind the account adding cannabinoids to dishes, oftentimes the dishes aren’t infused, but the decorative, bright, and beautiful foods are well worth the like and follow.

This dish, Golden Beet Ravioli infused with Onda Wellness CBD, is basically a masterpiece. No one wants to see a chef plating their food with little baby tweezers when they’re starving, but when the result is this beautiful, anyone would salivate in silence while things got their little dusting of beetroot powder and fans of fennel fronds—creating a true object d’art to gobble down.

With steamed young onion, vegan ricotta, sweet peas, and asparagus in a spring greens broth, the little pools of extra verdant green in the photo are actually terpene rich CBD tincture drops. Even the pasta matches the theme with its golden hue, making the hyper pink beetroot powder sprinkle even more fun and fanciful.

If you’re going to eat CBD with your dinner, it may as well be as gourmet as this. As far as vegan food goes, if it all looked this good maybe it would be easier to back away from the Doritos.

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