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Written by Ashley Priest

Cannabis-Infused edibles can vary from bite-to-bite. Not only do they help this writer, and many others, get much needed sleep, but they also help to reduce stress, anxiety and pain.

New Frontier Data released a report showing that senior cannabis consumption in the United States had increased by 250 percent between 2006 and 2013. Imagine the increase over the past five years, now that cannabis legalization is occurring across the nation.

Health Line, The New Yorker, The Huffington Post and countless others have covered seniors and cannabis, including the Emerald Magazine’s November 2018 issue.

Story after story points to cannabis-infused edibles being a highly sold product among this demographic. It’s easy to see why the elderly favor them over dab rips and bong hits. Many seniors aren’t interested in smoking, which historically was the most popular way to consume cannabis. Not anymore. ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics report that edible sales reached $1.4 billion for 2018 and are expected to reach over $4.1 billion by 2022. These records have been driven in part by the growing numbers of senior consumers.

Like the senior cannabis community, this writer now too enjoys cannabis-infused edibles, thanks to Coda Signature. Coda Signature edibles aren’t just brownies stuffed with grass, but cannabis edibles with class.
Not only did Coda Signature’s products change this writers perception of edibles, but everything about the company was appetizing to the palate.

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines a coda as “a concluding musical section that is formally distinct from the main structure.” In my experience, Coda Signature products provide just that—a very distinct product line that makes me suspect that my previous perception of edibles was flawed.

I was introduced to Coda Signature products after a very long ride to Colorado from the East Coast. The mind was wired, but the body was sore and tired. Then my husband came in with a fancy box of infused chocolate treats. He had ventured up the road to find some tasty bud and concentrates at the local dispensary when he saw these beautifully packed and delicious-looking edibles. Knowing that we’re both always open to trying something new, he bought them on a whim.

The Forte Collection is a box of six cannabis-infused gourmet truffles. Their design elegance sparked my interest immediately, and with one first bite, it was love. The flavors danced, and became more tantalizing with every bite. No wonder the Forte Collection was voted 1st Place Best Edible for Colorado’s 2017 THC Connoisseur.

After enjoying three 10 mg truffles in hazelnut, tiramisu and passion-fruit, another delight ensued. The Symphony Collection.

These CBD and THC bath bombs from Coda Signatures are the real deal. After drawing up a warm, cannabinoid-infused bath, this writer thought to themselves, Are the edibles I consumed starting to have an effect? They were. The instant feeling of full relaxation took over from head to toe. It was as though, all at once, every nerve, every muscle, every joint (no pun intended) felt completely better.

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