DJ Khaled to Launch CBD Lifestyle and Wellness Brand

As cannabis legalization continues to spread across the country, celebrities are cashing in on the new business opportunities. 

Since 2010, rappers Snoop Dogg, Berner Boy and Jay – Z have all made names for themselves as entrepreneurs in the world of weed.  

According to recent reports, mega-producer DJ Khaled is next in line. 

In partnership with a leading producer and manufacturer of hemp-derived wellness products, Endexx, the Grammy-award winning producer will launch his hemp-derived CBD lifestyle and wellness brand in early 2021.

Known for his positive outlook on life and passion for self-care, it’s no surprise that the benefits of CBD resonate with DJ Khaled. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Khaled described CBD as the essential ingredient in his self-proclaimed “personal wellness journey.”

“As a father, an entrepreneur, a music exec and visionary I am blessed with daily inspiration, a drive to work hard and a passion for success,” Khaled explained. “CBD has become a part of my daily routine and allows me to focus myself and my energies, while striving to better myself every day.” 

While there are not yet any more details regarding partnership, Endexx’s CEO, Todd Davis, said he is excited to work with someone as passionate and knowledgeable about CBD as Khaled.

“Khaled’s knowledge and passion for CBD is bountiful and we realized we are aligned in our approach towards product quality and business acumen,” Davis told Rolling Stone. We understand it and share the values that a brand goes beyond physical products; it needs to help people feel good about themselves and be part of a day-to-day lifestyle.” 

What celebrities would you like to see make their mark on the industry?

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