FLIGHTS ReadyPacks: The World’s First Top-Shelf, Pre-Ground Cannabis

“Flights’ is an all-in-one solution. Say goodbye to your grinder, rolling tray and all the things that come along with keeping your own product.”


Discretion and convenience are often afterthoughts in the cannabis industry, but this newly launched company is, well…making it their business. As the world’s first enterprise of its type, Flights fills the industry niche by offering an entirely exclusive product: single-serving, pre-ground, vacuum-sealed ReadyPacks in eco-groovy and unscented containers.

The Santa Cruz-based company, which officially launched in late 2015, is already turning heads with its award winning, ready to use cannabis. This January, Flights’ claimed first prize for ‘Best New Product’ at San Francisco’s premiere event, HempCon.

Each single-serving carton is portable and takes the hassle out of self-grinding or sealing. “Flights’ is an all-in-one solution. Say goodbye to your grinder, rolling tray and all the things that come along with keeping your own product,” says Flights’ co-founder Geoff Perryn.

Customers can expect nothing but top-shelf, high quality bud that is both de-stemmed, and ground to perfection. The best part — the pocket-sized packs are virtually odorless.

The specially designed vacuum-sealed packaging is a trade secret that took more than two years of research and development, explains Perryn. “They are designed to be odor free – [but when] opened, it bursts with beautiful aromas that are associated with good, quality cannabis. We are one of a kind in that sense.”

As Perryn points out, “A lot of businessmen/women like to carry their supply on them.” Odor free packaging allows people to do so gracefully, without awkwardness or worry. “Beyond the average stoner, we are finding that more and more people want to carry with discretion,” adds Perryn.

“[We are helping to] Deconstruct the negative stigma [surrounding cannabis]. The more we can push discretion [with a classy product], the more it helps get rid of bad reputations by keeping it under wraps,” says Hilary Norman, the company’s Social Media and Marketing Manager. The days of worrying whether passerbies can smell your supply are gone!

Discrete packaging also allows for easier gifting, adds Perryn, which happens often in the cannabis community. “If you hand someone a nug, you don’t know how much you’re giving away.” Not to mention, the smell can really resonate. “Now, [instead of handing] your uncle a nug at Thanksgiving dinner, you can give him a FlightsPacks very discretely. It is cleaner,” he adds, “There is a shift in culture.”

The business sets itself apart from other companies that offer pre-rolled or pre-ground cannabis because of its emphasis on quality. “We are bringing a new paradigm — we are the first to do what we are doing right now.” Flights’ is able to provide only the best indoor-grown cannabis, sourced from an established network of boutique growers throughout the Santa Cruz and Northern California regions.

When it comes to the strains Flights carries, Perryn says, “less is more.” The company’s comprehensive variety includes both Indicas and Sativas. Core strains such as OG KUSH, Girl Scout Cookies, Tangerine, Chiquita Banana, Jack Herer and Gorilla Glue are regularly available. However, Flights rotates select blends to feature rare and trendy breeds like Strawberry Banana, Sunset Sherbert or Purple Cadillac.

Like flights of beer or wine — something the company takes its inspiration from — these ReadyPacks are intended for individual servings. Each pack contains .35 grams of lab-tested herb, which ensures quality and consistency. “[Because of it’s packaging,] our product is still a mystery inside a sealed box, inside of a sealed package.” Therefore, it is important for customers to know exactly what they are getting. The company does so by providing information through their Bud Tender Binders, which are available at dispensary locations and via website,

Flights’ products are tested at SC Labs in Santa Cruz to guarantee customers a reliable product, every time. Brett Yader, Perryn’s business partner and co-founder, notes that THC levels vary in each strain, with Flights’ selection collectively ranging between 23 to more than 30 percent. “I am finding that our [staple blend] Chiquita Banana consistently tests about 33 percent.”

Yader adds, “Sometimes we joke that these should be called ‘Pax Packs,’ because while they are ideal for any smoking device, they are particularly great for portable flower vaporizers such as the Pax. All of your work (grinding, portioning storing, etc.) is already done for you.”

Flights’ has its eyes on innovation: aside from a commitment to quality and convenience, the company is devoted to offering environmentally friendly products. Each eco-groovy pack comes in a recyclable box, which includes packets made from 99 percent recyclable material like paper and aluminum foil.  

The originality doesn’t stop there: the business is looking forward to introducing new products, including their all -inclusive Festival Packs, which incorporate a combination of pick-me-up Sativas and Indicas to help cool things down.

As Flights continues to grow and form partnerships with dispensaries, they are always looking for creative ways to make their products more easily accessible, especially in remote areas. Flights is now partnering with Jack’s Collective, an overnight delivery service that makes Flights ReadyPacks available to medical patients all over California.

No stone is left unturned where Flights is concerned. Thanks to FlightsPacks, cannabis-connoisseurs can carry and smoke high-quality bud without worry or compromise — however or wherever you choose to enjoy your product. Stay tuned for future Flight collaborations, events or new products!

Written by Melissa Hutsell

For more information, or to pick up your own FlightsPacks, contact or visit FlightsPacks are available in dispensaries all around California, including:   
           High Octane Miramar in San Diego
           Universal Collective in Los Angeles
          Monterey Bay Alternative Medicine  in Monterey
Flights is currently partnered with CouchLock Inc. for distribution and is exploring additional partnerships for growth both within the state of California and beyond!
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