Good Day CBD-Infused Beverages Have More to Offer Than a Caffeine-High

By Samantha Wahl

It’s Not Easy Being Caffeine-Free

Cutting back on caffeine can feel like an eternal process. Especially for those who have relied on the drug since they were old enough to buy their own daily cup o’ joe from their local deli. For stoners, coffee can feel like another limb, a requirement for functionality.

The trick that seems to work best of all is replacing coffee with something else. Try half-caff. Switch to black tea. Go herbal. 

I switched over to the caffeine-free side last year, and after months of experimenting, the headaches were gone, and I had tried dozens of new brands. One standout is Good Day, a NYC-based line of CBD-infused beverages.

We enthusiastically reviewed Good Day’s Cold Brew in the past—it’s delicious, and it gets the job done. But when I got my hands on their non-caffeinated beverage varieties, I knew there was more taste-testing to be done.

The Goods

I started with their CBD Chamomile Tea, ice cold from the fridge. The icy, lemony finish was perfect for keeping me awake during a night of working from home, but the 15mg CBD kept me feeling relaxed and balanced. It’s a comfort to know most of its ingredients are organic, and there are no weird, hard-to-pronounce surprises at the end of the list.

As somewhat of a self-proclaimed seltzer connoisseur, I was most excited to try their Citrus Sparkling Water. My caffeine-free lifestyle has been saved by seltzer–sometimes it’s the only satisfying substitute. This stuff did not disappoint. Tiny bubbles massaged my tongue while I indulged in its mandarin orange, lime, and grapefruit flavors. There’s 25% juice per can, yet only 6g sugar, so no overpowering sweetness cuts away at the refreshing experience. 

I love Good Day’s packaging. bold colors, matte finish, minimal text, all aesthetically my go-tos when picking out a new product to try. One thing’s for sure, if I saw cans of Good Day illuminated in my deli’s fridge, I would forget all about the $2 light, sweet coffee and the caffeine it teases. There’s nothing a lil’ CBD can’t quench.

Emerald contributor since September 2019


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