It’s a consumers market out there, and many cannabis companies are in the race to come in first. Foria lubricant has made a splash amongst women across California, Colorado and Washington.

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If lube typically came in a spray bottle, I’d be more eager to use it. There’s nothing like the scent of sex on your hands topped off with gooey lube. Yes, I know some lubes are water based and the gunky feeling wears away quickly, but what about lube that is specifically design to go on women versus greasing up the ol’ pole?

Foria is boss when it comes to cannabis lubes available on the market. It’s designed for women (medical patients specifically, unless if you’re in a legalized state) with instructions to “apply 4-8 sprays directly onto the clitoris, inner and outer labia and inside the vagina.” Foria is vegan, gluten and sugar free, leaving your body purified, stimulated and exhilarated.

For centuries, women’s libidos have been neglected beyond belief. While pills like Sildenafil (viagra) have been in the developmental works for quite some time, in 2014 an external answer was created.

Foria hit the ground running and gave women a new and exciting chance at having even better sex.  My first try with the cannabis infused spray lubricant was one to remember and had me moaning for more, literally. While I’ve been conservatively raised to believe my vagina should be locked behind a chastity belt – think Maid Marian from Robin Hood: Men in Tights – I branched out like the black sheep I am, and lathered my love spot with this cannabis miracle.

It’s no secret that drugs and sex go well together. Foria introduces a warm tingle that only cannabis can create. You know that initial ‘high’ you get after smoking when you’ve taken a couple days’ break? Yeah. It’s like that. Only your vagina is tingling with excitement – because it’s high. You’re not high, but your body is.

While Foria has made waves in the sex industry, there are a few stipulations that come with the product. First, you need to be a medical patient of Foria’s collective, The Aphrodite Group. You can register on their website with your prescription at

If you’re in Colorado or another legalized state you can obtain Foria at local dispensaries and/or sex shops. Since Foria is so new, no dispensaries in Humboldt County carry the product. 

For those that are hindered by Foria’s price (yes, it can be expensive), fear not! While Foria was a great experience, there is one other alternative that doesn’t carry a hefty price tag. Well…there is a price tag, but it depends on who you get your trim from. Behold, a DIY project for your own at-home cannabis lubricant. It works just as well as Foria, only it’s much more affordable.

The great thing about making your own cannabis lube is that you can experiment with different strains. Different strains have different effects. Maybe you want your vagina to feel more relaxed than ever; go for an indica, such as Grand Daddy Purps (GDP), OG Kush, Mr. Nice or Northern Lights. If sex is an emotional experience for you, maybe you’d like to try a Sativa such as Purple Haze, Sweet Tooth, Very Berry Haze or Super Silver Haze.  Regardless of which route you and your vagina decide to take, remember experimenting with cannabis lube is a fun, natural and an all-around wholesome experience.

Enjoy! And let us know how it goes!

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Cannabis Lube!

– What You’ll Need –

Coconut Oil • Cannabis • Mesh Cloth



Preheat your oven to 280 degrees Fahrenheit

Get a saucepan (that can eventually be placed in the oven) and add 2 cups of organic extra virgin coconut oil.

Begin by completely melting the coconut oil over a low-heat flame.

Grind up the 2 grams of cannabis to a fine power. Different strains create different sensations, so feel free to play around with a strain that works best for you.

Add the ground cannabis to the warm liquefied coconut oil.


Mix the coconut oil and cannabis together entirely.

Place the saucepan into the oven for one hour and stir occasionally.

After the hour has passed, remove the saucepan from the oven and allow the substance to cool.

Once the contents have cooled, take your cheesecloth or mesh strainer and  strain any cannabis remnants out from the coconut oil into a mason jar or other container.


When your lube is not in use it should be placed in a dark, cool place to help preserve the cannabinoids.

If your coconut oil returns to a solid form, place it in your hands to soften and liquefy it for your personal use.

When ready, apply up to one hour prior to use for maximum results.

Playful hand touching abdomen

Playful hand touching abdomen

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