Oregon Coast Edibles

A Taste Through the Dispensaries of the Scenic Coast       My decade-long travels for fiber (see “Eco Printing [...]

Oregon and the Giant Peach

The mission statement above, the sign that greets all who enter this sacred space, speaks volumes to the sheer weight [...]

River Rat: Madison River

When you are used to being around the ocean your whole life, it is obvious that it stays with you [...]

Bud & Breakfast

WEEKEND RETREAT Bud & Breakfast It’s here. Humboldt County’s first Bud & Breakfast. HIGHWAY 36 When a traditional bed & breakfast [...]

Back Road

– Sean Jansen – The term “back road” is something that resonates with me on a deep level, something I [...]

California’s Highway 1

California’s Highway 1 Fort Bragg to Monterey Keith Warwick, PE The portion of California’s Highway 1 (California 1) from Fort [...]

The Road to Shelter Cover

The road to Shelter Cove isn’t so much a back road as it is the only road into and out [...]

Emerald Travels: Café

Café Sean Jansen Travel Columnist   What is a café? By direct definition from the Webster’s dictionary, a café is: [...]

Emerald Travels

Sticky Rice Pudding with Mangoes Sean Jansen Travel Columnist Europe and the United States are the two areas of the [...]