Danielle Guercio

Emerald contributor since May 2017

We Want This Food: Basically’s Sour Cream and Onion Potato Salad

Onion dip was a staple of every well-appointed ’90s party, served with redundant but umami-inducing Sour Cream and Onion Ridgies [...]

Pre-roll Packs Are a Part of Cannabis’ Future

The art of grinding and twisting your cannabis up into joints, blunts, or spliffs is a ritualistic practice that many [...]

That Cheese Plate Is Aspirational Heaven

If you don’t already follow That Cheese Plate, get thee to an Instagram account, stat! The flowing salami rivers, the [...]

Strain Review: SFV OG from Nug California

Nothing beats a piney strain when you’re feeling sluggish or like you’re slogging through the day. We got to try [...]

We Tried the Omura Vape, and This Is What Happened

Tech is tech, but when new tech comes out in cannabis—it’s usually more than gadgetry—it can open up doors and [...]

Review: Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Soak

Treating your body better means more than eating right and sleeping: bath and body care really do more than achieve [...]

Always Be My Maybe: Ali Wong’s RomCom Dominates

We at the Emerald love Ali Wong. She’s notorious for her slightly raunchy, extra-real, gruff but still girlie, ass-kicking stand-up, [...]

Do This High: Thrifting in Los Angeles

LA is a freaking cannabis Disneyland. From the indie shops stocked with bulletproof-vest-wearing clerks and unique, super-stoner products, to the [...]

We Want This Food: Chef Grubb’s Pork Milanese

We have been following one of Puerto Rico’s coolest chefs, Maria Mercedes Grubb, since long before Hurricane Maria caused mayhem, [...]