CannabisMD CEO, and founder of MedLeafRX sit down with Emerald


Emerald Media sits down with Michael Klein and June Chin to discuss their collaborative efforts in Miraculo Inc.  Klein serves as CEO of Miraculo, while Chin is founder of MedLeafRX, a practicing physician, and medical advisor for CannabisMD (Miraculo’s first vertical).  Miraculo is a data and technology media company whose goal is to provide informative content for the largely underserved audience in the medical cannabis and CBD space.  

CannabisMD is a non-advocacy platform whose goal is empowering consumers to make informed decisions regarding cannabis integration in their healthcare.  Its primary guiding principle is to provide non-advocacy education. That quality education is presented in an easily-digestible format, which includes advisement by board-certified professionals, to guide curious consumers from the moment of piqued interest, through discovery, and eventual conversion.  

God’s Greenery is a Christian-based offshoot of Miraculo focused on building a community around their religious commonality for educational purposes.  

Miraculo’s medical advisory board is comprised of a diverse group of professionals in the healthcare industry who are proponents of safe medical cannabis integration.  CannabisMD, in partnership with Big20 Labs, has tested the potency and verified the efficacy of numerous CBD products, and only those withstanding the rigorous standards were able to be listed on their website.  Ultimately, as consumers continue to embrace their health and wellness, their path will lead them to the benefits of this miraculous plant and CannabisMD strives to bridge the gap between education and the vast expansive “wild west” where consumers had previously been left to navigate on their own.     


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