High Fashion: Five Designers Who Appreciate Cannabis

By Rita Thompson

Cannabis and fashion have collided for quite some time now. From celebrities like Miley Cyrus who sported a be-dazzled cannabis leotard back in 2014, to Alexander Wang celebrating 4/20 with Sherbinski’s CEO Mario Guzman this year, it’s time we recognize the designers on the forefront of both style and advocacy. 

Edie Parker’s Brett Hyman

Brett Hyman—the badass woman that brings us Edie Parker’s killer clutches, jewelry and more—recently made her mark on the cannabis industry with the launch of a fruit-themed smoking accessories collection and three strains of insanely aesthetic cannabis flower. Simply called Flower, the line is aimed at the new generation of cannabis users in hopes of lightheartedly uniting the worlds of fashion and cannabis. 

The collection includes items from stash jars, to bongs, to rolling-trays and of course a “perfect for pot” version of Edie Parker’s signature acrylic bags. Making the line even more unique, though, is the collaboration with cannabis brand Flow Kana to introduce three strains of Edie Parker flower as well. Check out our story, LA Poolside Delivery in the July Poolside edition of the Emerald to read more about poolside fun with EP’s flower, brought to you, literally, by Emjay delivery service. 

Alexander Wang 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

King of normcore, Alexander Wang, is one of the most advocative designers in terms of cannabis. Back in 2016, the designer known for his urban style launched his first 4/20-friendly collection, AW16. 

Through a subtle incorporation of leaves, Wang tastefully creates some of the coolest cannabis inspired looks we’ve ever seen. The collection’s original launch show at Saint Bartholomew’s Church in New York featured what Vogue describes best to be, “Marijuana leaves materialized as instarsias on mohair minis and coats, as lace insets on boudoir-ish dresses, as a print on miniature bucket bags.” 

Even Margot Robbie took a liking to the collection and was later seen sporting one of Wang’s Fall 2016 floral dresses featuring embroidered lace cannabis leaves on the front of the faux-leather skirt. 

Not to mention, Wang himself celebrated 4/20 this year with quite possibly the biggest name in cannabis—Sherbinski CEO, Mario Guzman. Taking to Instagram to share the day’s events, (which likely consisted of some very big blunts shared over some very creative conversations), Guzman hinted towards big things coming, noting, “Because cannabis and fashion makes the world go round!” under the epic shot of the two. 


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Rihanna has been open about her fondness for flower since the start of her career. While many celebrities have coiled away from public use and advocacy, the eyes and ears behind luxury fashion line, FENTY, are clouded with smoke. 

From the legendary 2012 images of the singer, business woman, superstar rolling a blunt on her bodyguard’s head in a Coachella crowd, to literally dressing up as Mary Jane for Halloween, RiRi is the queen of both fashion and cannabis. In 2017, the Umbrella singer dropped a gemstone coated shoe collaboration with Manolo Blahnik, suitably dubbed the So Stoned Collection. While she has not yet released any cannabis clothing of her own, we certainly won’t be surprised if or when FENTY makes its first mark. 

Jacquie Aiche 

Being the eyes behind one of the most popular jewellery brands in LA, Jacquie Aiche is known to share her love for the flower now and again. In fact, Aiche has an entire collection dedicated to the plant, dubbed the Sweet Leaf collection. And while cannabis-inspired fashion can often fall short, leaving you with a cheesy taste in your mouth, Aiche has managed to incorporate the plant beautifully into her jewelry designs. 

“The marijuana leaf is such a botanical beauty,” she tells MedMen. “I’ve always loved it as a symbol of freedom. I wanted my Sweet Leaf collection to represent it in a way that was feminine, beautiful, and badass.” 

Aiche further supports the industry through advocacy by donating proceeds from the collection to Spark The Conversation, a campaign aimed towards changing the social stigma of cannabis and those who use it. 

Vivienne Westwood 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Known for her rebellious and outspoken attitude, Vivienne Westwood is a lifelong environmental activist. She is serious about standing up for what she believes in. Back in spring 2010, Westwood shook things up by featuring a cannabis leaf-print dress in her runway show. Since then she has continued to spotlight the leaf, featuring it again on a statement-belt in her SS18 collection. 

Making Westwood’s stance on the industry even more notable, though, is her incorporation of hemp into many of her collections due to the facbric’s low ecological footprint. In fact, her 2018 Fall and Winter collection, Call-To-Arms—which narrated the designer’s frustration with war—featured looks made mostly of hemp. 

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