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A Taste Through the Dispensaries of the Scenic Coast




My decade-long travels for fiber (see “Eco Printing Cannabis’s  Landscape” in August 2016’s edition) have brought me up and down the Oregon Coast. As a California resident, and 215 card-holder, I had trouble finding medication along the way. It is needless to say that when recreational cannabis became legal in Oregon, I was excited. This made traveling easier and more enjoyable. However, the search for legal edibles remained limited until recently.


The first town as you cross the border into Oregon on U.S. Highway 101 North is Bookings. I visited High Tide Wellness, and after a quick ID check, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I was in search of CBD-infused edibles, so the staff showed me a brick of CBD Taffy. It resembled a melted down Starburst.

Next up in Brookings was Banana Belt Dispensary where the taffy from High Tide Wellness made another appearance. Here, I confirmed that it does, indeed taste like a melted down Starburst, and it is actually called, “That Taffy.”


I headed north to the town of Langlois. As I passed through, I noticed a small market that claims to have the world’s best hot dog. After indulging in a hot dog that I slathered with their homemade mustard, I can report that the mustard is definitely the secret ingredient. The selection of local beers is also impressive.

Port Orford

As I wind my way up the coast, I find myself in Port Orford at Buddha’s Wellness Center. I like this dispensary because of the friendly staff — they showed an interest in what I was looking for.I left the wellness center with one giant gummy and found both the texture and cherry flavor to be on par as a staff pick.


Between the towns of Yachats and Waldport, one will find the South Coast Collective by a drive thru coffee hut. Ganja 2, a banana fruit leather, came highly recommended by the staff. I typically don’t eat fruit leathers, and I had wanted to try a chai caramel that looked yummy, but I went with the staff’s recommendation and I was completely satisfied. It was a little weedy and contained both CBD and THC.


In Newport, you will find The Oregon Coast dispensary located by Nye Beach. When I purchase in recreational states I tend to get headaches from the products. This could be from a multitude of things; fake terpenes, or not flushing, because it seems to happen with flowers too. If this happens to you as well, you could understand my hesitation at buying a vape pen or edibles. The staff helped me to select vape cartridge and edibles that I tried over the next two days with no headaches. I purchased Wyld brand in Blood Orange White Chocolate Sativa Enhanced – seriously smooth tasting. I bought a vape cartridge Golden brand co2 in Hindu Kush.

While in Nye Beach attending an eco-printing workshop, I ate food from Cafe Mundo and I found it to be very tasty. I was tempted by the Cheese of the World which included a grilled cheese sandwich with roasted tomato soup… it was delicious. They source local ingredients and have the fresh cuisine you’d expect from regions like Humboldt County, California.

This is down at the heart of the waterfront, you will find Newport Dispensary. Park early or come late as there can be a delay in parking due to all the tourists. Since you can only purchase a 15 mg candy I was using other considerations in my edible purchases. When I walked out of there with a Wyld brand gummies in Marionberry taste and packing were a big considerations and I found it to be a tasty gourmet product.

One of my favorite places in Bayfront is right next to the dispensary is Bow Wow Meow Pet Supply. I was able to find an Oregon-made dog treat, titled Isabella Dog. Along with being handmade, the treats are gluten, soy and corn free. I could never go on a trip without getting my dogs a treat.

Another notable Newport dispensary is the Medication Station. The station is located along U.S. Highway 101 and has easy access, good hours, a large selection of local products, and offer specials. But these specials are limited due to supply.

During my trip I stayed in Yachats at The Drift Inn, which was recently added on Airbnb. Single rooms as well as cottage rentals were available. I enjoyed this location because there was a restaurant on the premises that serves local fare and beer. The Waterfront across the street and a small-town atmosphere really added to my stay. My favorite meal was a delicious steak, potato and polenta breakfast. When I asked them how local the eggs were, the owner informed me they were from the owners own flock.  

Oregon is still in the process of sorting out their labeling for CBD edibles. Overall, I found a limited, yet quality selection. I’m sure once the process is sorted out, options will be endless.

I highly recommend a day or an overnight trip to enjoy the cuisine and edibles that are to be had on Oregon south coast.

Written by Autumn Glock

Please visit this website below to see what is legal for recreational. ”Educate before you recreate.” WhatsLegalOregon.com
For traveling in Southern Oregon please visit SouthernOregon.org
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