Are You a Viper?

Jazz- Soaked Cannabis Slang from the 20s and 30s “Everything will seem so funny. Darkest days will seem so sunny. [...]

2017 National Cannabis Industry Association Summit & Expo

The Cannabis industry’s occupation rainbow was displayed in its full spectrum on June 12-14 at  the National Cannabis Industry Association [...]

Incorporating Cannabis into Healing Blends

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtue has not yet been discovered.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson   Herbalists have [...]

Lord of Bhang

Cannabis in India Although cannabis is currently illegal in India, it has a long history of widespread use. It’s been [...]

Can I Light Up on the Way to Enlightenment?

Insights into the Yoga-Cannabis Contradiction Cannabis-friendly yoga is getting as hot as “hot yoga” once was, grabbing press attention across [...]

Lawrence Ringo: Father of CBD

By Sharon Letts Humboldt Medicine Charlotte’s Web was first introduced to the world via a television documentary; what the world [...]

Landrace Strains

Exploring the Ancient Strains that Flourish Today – Kilimanjaro  Cherry                 “One hit and [...]

Time to Enact Equal Access

Understanding the evolution of cannabinoids helps veterinarians appreciate the unique role cannabis can play in the medical treatment of dogs. [...]

A New World of Old Medicine

Veterinary medicine is currently at a crossroads with cannabis. Used since ancient Greek and Roman times as medicine for horses [...]