“We’re Sparking Conversation and Pushing the Limits” -Momolu

Written by Rita Thompson

Featured Photo by Jason Masters

Korto Momolu, is a fashion designer/stylist extraordinaire. In fact, you might recognize her from season five of Project Runway, where she placed as runner-up and earned the title of “fan favorite” for her colorful, feisty spirit. 

Since her time on the hit reality show ended in 2008, Momolu has continued to make her mark on the world of women’s wear through her rich heritage and use of traditional and luxury fabrics. She’s participated in New York Fashion Week as well as launched eco-friendly jewelry lines and more. 

Women Grow, on the other hand, is an entity that serves as a catalyst for women to succeed in the cannabis industry. Through a series of programs and community events, the Denver-based group is on a mission to provide education, connections, inspiration and empowerment to women in weed.  

Photo: Jason Masters

So, what happened when these powerful forces collide? Pure magic. 

With Women Grow focused on expanding into high fashion and leisure wear, and fashionista Momolu being intrigued by the cannabis industry—particularly for CBD’s ability to ease pain in the hands of sewers, they blended together as naturally as weed and chocolate.

Momolu says there is definitely an inherent artistic connection between fashion and cannabis. “It goes back to music. Everything is connected in so many ways, and especially to the fact that I can use hemp fabric, which is very sustainable and beautiful […],” she explains of the collaboration with Women Grow. 

Thus, the two entities were more than excited to partner up to create a line for the Women Grow Leadership Summit in June 2019. With the apparel line proving popular, and quickly selling out, the collaborators felt inspired to dig even deeper. The pair decided to take their creations to the catwalk at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Debuting for the Spring/Summer 2020 season, high fashion will fuse with the world of cannabis on September 7th, 2019 to show the power, influence and strength of female leadership. Expect to see largely hemp-centric designs that incorporate aspects of health and wellness.

The collection, says Momolu, is about “[…] connecting cannabis to fashion and changing the way we look at it, the face of it, and [determining] what that looks like. It’s the first of its kind at this level,” Momolu explains. 

Momolu says that she is trying to create for Women Grow in a way that pushes the limits of the industry and breaks stereotypes, but still remains appealing enough for the fashion world. “[It must] be interesting enough for fashion that it doesn’t even matter that it has Women Grow on it, it’s still great,” she adds.   

Photo: Cole Stevens Salon

The line, created to be inclusive of all body types, will include regal-esque leisurewear full of gold, copper and shimmery tones. Momolu is “taking those really luxurious fabrics, and making them more comfortable and inviting to different body types, and being inclusive of everybody,” she explains. 

“We’re incorporating the leisure line with the high-end line just to show people how to wear it; how to be comfortable in it; and how to style it for your everyday,” Momolu continues. 

Ultimately, the leisure line aims to provide stylish options for women in the boardroom or in the greenhouse. “We have leisure stuff, but it’s very girly,” she says. “So for the girl who is in the cannabis industry, who works at Women Grow, who’s a grower, but still loves fashion.” 

“I want people to see [the collection] and be like ‘I would wear all of this, and I could wear it here or there,'” says Momolu. All pieces of the line will be available to purchase online the day of the show, September 7th, 2019.

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