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display 62Coffee and cannabis connoisseurs rejoice! Pot-O-Coffee, the appropriately named Southern California based coffee, tea and cocoa company, has brought new meaning to the term ‘wake and bake.’ The business is one of the first in the nation to deliver infused cannabis (THC) & hemp cannabidiol (CBD) beverage blends.

The market is hungry for appetizing forms of cannabis cuisine. As more states legalize cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, the demand for edibles continues to rise sharply. Indeed, this is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry according to the San Francisco-based investor network, the ArcView Group.

This growing opportunity inspired Cass Riese, Pot-O-Coffee co-owner and Director of Business Development, to help create a robust blend of two passions he shares with many others. Riese, already a grocery entrepreneur, says gaining a market share in the cannabis industry now is equivalent to investing in the technology industry before it took off.

This market momentum gives customers plenty of options that appeal to their individual sweet or savory tastes. Yet, in a world full of edibles, Pot-O-Coffee products stand out. Using only the finest natural ingredients, the company not only brings two different industries together into one cup, but also offers unmatched consistency and convenience. The convenience of single serve coffee, tea or cocoa infused with either THC or CBD means customers can grab a cup and a fixed dose at any time – day or night.

The company’s list of products appeals to beverage (and cannabis) lovers of all sorts – those who want a kick in their morning cup o’ joe, a soothing touch to their tea before bedtime, or therapy for a variety of ailments such as chronic pain, nausea or inflammation of the joints. The selection includes: THC- and Hemp Derived CBD-infused dark roast Arabica coffee, all natural green tea, and rich hot cocoa. All CBD and THC brews come in single serve cups or pods. Dosages depend on the beverage blend you choose and range from 10 (mild) to 50 (medium) to 100 (bold) milligrams per serving.

IMG_1473Single servings of coffee, hot cocoa, or tea come in individual Kcups that are perfect for Keurig type coffee machines, or pods (similar to tea bags). Each THC-infused product is made with a mix of all natural cannabis oil. Hemp derived CBD-infused tea and coffee products contain no GMOs, are pesticide free, and are infused with Gold Label Plus CBD Oil by CannaVest.

These cannabis-coffee hybrids, well…they naturally sell themselves. While the Pot-O-Coffee brands meet and exceed the expectations of enthusiasts, these beverages appeal to novices as well. Nearly no cannabis flavor (even in the higher dosages) make it just as enjoyable as a standard cup of coffee, cocoa or tea. By the time you finish the cup you may start to feel its effects. The combination of coffee and cannabis oil makes for a generally more intense high. “Edibles work from the inside. The feeling is much more of a full-bodied, rather than just a head, high,” explains Riese. Thanks to the caffeine, these consumables will not slow you down!

Riese says, “People are so amazed it taste like coffee, tea or cocoa.” Of course, striking the perfect balance between flavor and potency was not easy. Riese and his team of chemists tested samples for several months, before finally achieving the clinically formulated and tested ‘secret recipe.’

Like Coca Cola, Riese says, the company started with a carefully created recipe, bottled it, and found a distribution model like Coke’s that will be delivering the Pot-O-Coffee brand of goods this quarter to more than 300+ shops and dispensaries in Colorado, California, Washington and Oregon. And so, Pot-O-Coffee officially launched its line of infused gourmet beverages in 2015 with a philosophy of brewing brilliance based on tradition, passion and innovation.

poc coffeebrightA year after operations began; Riese and his team have successfully developed and branded their beverage blends to please a diversity of palates. However, they’ve got their eyes on innovation, “Even now we are still not done – by no means. We have [version] 1.0, now we are working on 2.0.” They plan on introducing more Pot-O-Coffee Cannabis Cafes like the one found inside Surf City Collective, adding decaffeinated coffee blends in addition to an assortment of flavors, including seasonal favorites such as pumpkin spice. “We are also looking into infused cannabis time-released sleepy time coffee, tea or cocoa.”

Well, you had us at coffee and cannabis!

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Find Pot-O-Coffee Products At:

Surf City Collective / PotOCoffee

Cannabis Cafe 16206 Hawthorne Blvd,

Lawndale, CA 90206 PH: 5623745914

Point Loma Patient Consumer CoOp, 3452 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA

92110 PH: 6195740415

Emerald Room

8271 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046 PH:


Catch Pot-O-Coffee at The Shatter Day Bhomers Market in Buellton, CA

Every Saturday in March.



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